Virtual Reality compatible stress relief and mental wellness neuro technologies

BrainPatch is the Neuro Tech industry leader in VR and Metaverse compatible (with Oculus Quest 2, HTC vive, and most “Cardboard” VR devices) AI-powered brain-computer interfaces enabling everyone to tap into the hidden potential of their brains to achieve a longer and happier life through non invasive brain stimulation


What does this do?

• Non-invasive brain stimulation complements the experience of extended reality with physical and mental sensation.

• Breakthrough solution for brain-computer interface connecting the virtual to the tangible world.

• Convenient Convenient stimulation headphone design allowing to use the technology with any VR/AR device or standalone

How does it work?

The device uses small electric currents applied to the skin behind the ear. The proprietary current waveforms are designed to stimulate the vestibular nervous system. Through targeted stimulation we are able to achieve a match between visual VR inputs and vestibular inputs, making the whole experience more real and natural. By eliminating the disbalance between the two inputs we managed to greatly improve the user experience and reduce VR motion sickness.


I have worked with galvanic vestibular stimulation for over 10 years, but the BrainPatch headset is the most effective, versatile and well-packaged device I have seen. Their demonstration of reducing VR-motion sickness makes a tremendous difference to the VR experience, raising the possibility of making GVS a new standard for the VR industry.
Dr. Elisa Ferre, Associate Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience Head of Vestibular Neuroscience Laboratory, Birkbeck University